The Joy of Giving,
Simple for Donors
Secure and Aordable
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Engaging for Churches
Is Premium right for your church?
Simplify your church’s technology while increasing
engagement using Faithlife Giving’s built-in suite of
communication tools.
Faithlife Giving’s Standard tier is ideal for churches receiving
under $7,500 monthly in online gis or who prefer a plan
without a monthly fee. If your church receives more than
$7,500 monthly in online gis, the Premium tier ensures your
church gets the lowest rates.
Convenient for Sta
Mobile-friendly: Give from a phone or tablet in seconds
without having to sign in.
Recurring gis: Sign in or create a free account to set
up and manage recurring donations.
Accessible giving history: Donors can view donation
history, export giving statements, and more.
Bank-level security: Every donation travels safely from
donors to your church.
Constant support: Get free, personal customer support
online, over the phone, via email, or in the Faithlife Giving
group. Plus, we’ve built tools and guides to help transition
your church to Faithlife Giving.
Aordable pricing:
Connect your congregation: Encourage fellowship all
week through your church’s own online community hub,
your Faithlife Group.
Share giving updates: Use newsletters, article
posts, your Faithlife Group newsfeed, and more to
communicate with your church about the impact of their
Cultivate community: Create subgroups for your
church’s small groups, ministries, and lay leaders, so
everyone can use one communication platform to keep
in touch.
Intuitive giving dashboard: Church sta enjoy an
intuitive dashboard for managing and analyzing financial
Unlimited funds: Set up benevolence funds, missions
funds, building campaign funds, and more. Donors can
split their donations between multiple funds.
Shared access: Give secure access to anyone in your
church leadership who needs to view transactions and
manage financial records.
Make online giving simpler and more engaging for your church through Faithlife Giving.
We’re a tech company committed to the Church. We use technology to equip the Church to grow
in the light of the Bible.
We started over 25 years ago as Logos Bible Soware, and now oer many other ministry tools,
including Faithlife Giving, Faithlife Proclaim, Faithlife Sites, Faithlife Sermons, and more.
Faithlife simplifies your church’s technology so you can focus on ministry.
About Faithlife
*Our credit/debit card rates are based on the standard mix of
donation processes. Some cards, such as Rewards, American
Express, and Discover cards are more expensive to process.
Faithlife reserves the right to apply a higher rate if your
donation mix exceeds standard processing levels for these
card types. However, before applying such a rate, Faithlife will
provide you with advance notice by email, and will contact you
to discuss pricing revisions.
plus processing fees
2.99%* + 45¢
for credit/debit
transactions, and
1.0% + 45¢ for ACH/
eCheck transactions
plus processing fees
2.49%* + 30¢
for credit/debit
transactions, and
1.0% + 30¢ for ACH/
eCheck transactions