How to give online:
1. Text Give and the amount (e.g. “Give $50”) to
2. Click the link in the text. You’ll receive our secure giving form.
3. Type the amount you’d like to give, and the fund you’d like to give toward.
4. Enter your email address.
5. Enter your credit, debit, or bank account information.
6. Select whether or not you’d like to cover the transaction fee.
7. Click Give.
8. If you want to make a recurring gi, log in to or create a Faithlife account.
If you prefer to give through your mobile device, simply text Give and the
amount (e.g. “Give $50”) to You’ll receive a text back right away
with a link to our secure giving form.
That’s it! Email us at
if you have any questions or trouble.
Thank you for your
generosity toward the
mission of our Church!
In an eort to make giving simpler for you,
we’re using Faithlife Giving.