Updated 09/25/2019
UG Leadership Teams:
Reports to Maturity Leader:
Bishop Ryan Napalo
Senior Pastor: Bishop Ryan Napalo
Associate Pastor: Ethan Ray
Seniors Pastor: Bishop Billy West
Deacons: Carlton Green, Paul Green, Darrel
Grimes, Dewayne Winter, John Young Jr.,
John Young Sr., Robbie Harris
Church Administrative Board: Bishop Ryan
Napalo (Chair), Carlton Green, Darrel
Grimes, Dewayne Winter, John Young Jr.,
John Young Sr., Mike Mitchell, Robbie Harris
Seniors Associate Pastor: Billy West
Bishops: Billy West, Ryan Napalo, Wayne
Licensed Ministers: Hal Johnson, Ethan Ray,
Hunter Roberts, Barry West
Church Clerk & Bulletin: Sybil Thompson
Secretary & Treasurer: Freda Mitchell
Assistant Secretary: Sybil Thompson
Website Administrator: Bishop Ryan
Church Decorator: Katelyn Clouse
Youth Leaders: Erica Young & John Young
Director of Small Group Ministries: Bishop
Ryan Napalo
Small Group Leaders: Billy & Kathy West,
Dorinda Lambert & Kim Harris, Andy and
Liza Young, Paul and Charlotte Green, Farin
and Teresa Wilbanks, Kristen and Michael
Women’s Ministries: Jennifer Napalo
Men’s Ministries: Dewayne Winter & Tracy
Children’s Ministry Leadership Team: Barry
West, Kayla Mitchell, Mary Ann West,
Matthew Mitchell, Michelle Clouse
Wednesday Night Kitchen Organizers:
Carol Young & John Young Sr.
Directors of Senior’s Ministries: Bobbie
Stephens, Hal Johnson, Sarah Harris
Security Team Liaison to Administrative
Committee: Paul Green
Pastor Appreciation Committee:
Carlton Green, Freda Mitchell, Mary Green,
Robbie Harris, Sarah Harris, Sybil Thompson
Cemetery Committee: All members of the
Church Administrative Board
Reports to Membership
Leader: Mike Mitchell
Church Property Maintenance: Carlton
Green & Mike Mitchell
Updated 09/25/2019
Chief Usher, Director of Christian
Education, Public Relations: Mike Mitchell
Ushers: Carlton Green, Cecil Woods, Corey
Chunn, Dewayne Winter, Farin Wilbanks,
John Young Sr., Kevin Roberts, Mark
Simpson, Robbie Harris
Sunday School Secretary: Donna White
Sunday School Teachers: Billy West, Carol
Young, Charlotte Green, Erica Young, Farin
Wilbanks, Freda Mitchell, Hunter Roberts,
John Young Jr., Kayla Mitchell, Keisha
Grimes, Kim Harris, Kimberly Simpson, Lindy
Abel, Mary Green, Matthew Mitchell,
Michelle Clouse, Mikayla Clouse, Teresa
Parker, Teresa Wilbanks
Wednesday Night Teachers: Erica Young,
Farin Wilbanks, John Young Jr., Katelyn
Speaks, Kimberly Simpson, Mary Ann West,
Teresa Parker, Teresa Wilbanks
Nursery Workers: Carol Young, Liza Young,
Tabitha Gant, Tammy Cherry
Attendance Control, Church Literature,
Historian: Mary Green
Greeters: Carlton Green, John Young Jr.,
John Young Sr., Mike Mitchell, Sybil
Church Sign Changers: Dominick Scruggs &
Eric Gordon
Reports to Magnification
Leader: Darrel Grimes
Worship & Magnification Leader: Darrel
Worship Team:
Ariel Winter, Austin Byrd, Charlotte Green,
Jennifer Napalo, John Young Jr., Kayla
Mitchell, Keisha Grimes, Kim Harris,
Kimberly Simpson, Kristen Horne, Matthew
Mitchell, Paul Green, Ronnie Harris, Sheba
Youth Worship Leader: Kim Harris
Youth Worship Team: Alex West, Austin
Byrd, Bailey Horne, John Young Jr., Lexie
Young, Lindy Abel, Logan Abel, Matthew
Mitchell, Mikayla Clouse, Paul Green,
Ronnie Harris, Shakiera Gardner
Children’s Worship Leaders: Katelyn
Clouse, Kayla Mitchell, Keisha Grimes, Lindy
Drama Team Leader: Katelyn Speaks
Audio/Video Engineer & Coordinators:
Barry West, Ronnie Harris, Ryan Napalo,
Terry Bland
Youth Audio/Video Coordinators: Alaric
Harrelson, Dominick Scruggs, Eric Gordon
Video & Projection Controller: Terry Bland
Social Media Managers: Hunter Roberts,
Ryan Napalo, Terry Bland
Updated 09/25/2019
Reports to Missions &
Outreach Leader: (To Be
Director of Mobilization and Outreach
Ministries: Hunter Roberts
Van Ministry Director: Erica Young
Van Ministry Drivers and Helpers:
Barry West, Erica Young, Hunter Roberts,
Joey Veal, John Young Jr., Katelyn Speaks,
Kim Harris, Mark Carpenter, Mary Ann
West, Matthew Mitchell, Misty Veal,
Trae Speaks
Visitation Follow-up: (TBA)
Director of Prison Ministries: (TBA)
Director of Harvest Partners Ministry
(Missions): (TBA)
Director of Heritage Care Ministries: Mary
Magnolia Messenger & Local News
Reporter: Sybil Thompson
Operation Christmas Child: Jennifer Napalo