Work Health and Safety Policy.
The Deniliquin Baptist Church recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide
a safe and healthy work environment for employees, voluntary workers and visitors
and will endeavour to ensure that these people do nothing to place themselves or
members of the public at risk of injury or illness.
The church will endeavour to:
provide a safe workplace including safe plant and systems of work.
Ensure compliance with legislatively requirements and standards.
Provide workers, volunteers and contractors with information, instruction,
training, and supervision for their safety.
Provide support that will assist workers in maintaining the physiological and
physical health.
The church is responsible to:
provide a safe workplace.
To implement work health and safety policies and procedures.
Actively promote and be involved in the implementation of these policies and
Workers are responsible for:
following all health and safety policies and procedures.
Reporting all hazards identified to the member of staff responsible for work
health and safety matters.
Complying with lawful instructions.
Not behaving in a wilful or reckless manner.
The church is committed to encouraging consultation and cooperation between
pastors, church administrators, employees and voluntary workers. It will involve all
parties in workplace changes likely to affect their safety, health and welfare.
Name/role: D Sanders; Church Secretary
Date: 8/7/2020