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Facility Use Guidelines of
Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
(Non-Wedding/Funeral Related Events)
It is the desire of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church (“Church”) to be a blessing to all of it’s church
members and to fulfill its mission of proclaiming Christ, being disciples and making disciples.
These guidelines have been approved by the Church body in order to provide and maintain a
high-quality facility for usages that support the mission of the Church.
Scheduling Considerations:
Events cannot be performed on holidays, holiday weekends, or during the period of
Thanksgiving week through January 1
without prior approval. Events will not be scheduled on
dates that conflict with special worship services or weekly events involving the church body.
All meeting requests are to be submitted in writing to the church office by completing the
Facility Use Request Form at least 30 days prior to the event date.
General Facility Guidelines:
All functions utilizing the church facility must be sponsored and attended by a member in good
standing of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church and approved by Church staff according to these
No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or other substances, or fireworks are allowed on the church
property. No animals are allowed to be inside the church facility. No tobacco is allowed in any
form. No outside doors are to be propped or left open. No swearing, foul or vulgar language is
acceptable on the property.
Church Furnishings & Equipment:
Any furniture or equipment needed for the approved function must also be approved by the
Pastor of the church or his appointed designee. Worship Center equipment and furnishings are
to be moved only by the church audio/video personnel. Audio/Video equipment (sound
equipment, computer equipment, camera equipment, etc.) in the Worship Center is not to be
used unless prior approval by audio/video personnel has been granted.
All furnishings and equipment moved and utilized during the function are to be placed back in
original position and cleaned after use.
Floral arrangements and greenery in the church building are not to be moved without prior
approval. It is normal that we decorate the Worship Center for various holidays, celebrations
and special services. We may also display special promotional materials for special emphases.
Although we cannot remove such decorations for events, you may make use of and/or
supplement these decorations. All facilities, decorations, arrangements, etc. used must be
approved by the church office and restored to their original location and condition.
No decorations are to be placed on the piano or any other AV equipment. No tape, nails, tacks
or staples may be used to attach decorations to walls, woodwork or other furniture or floors.
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Real flower petals may not be used in the Worship Center or any area where individuals may
step on them. Silk petals provide an excellent alternative and will not damage the carpet.
Kitchen Use:
Any event that utilizes the church kitchen will be responsible for cleanup of the kitchen after the
event. Setup and take down of tables are the responsibility of the member/sponsor of the
event. You must supply your own items (plates, silverware, glasses, utensils, etc.) You must also
supply your own food items. Because the gymnasium/fellowship hall is used during the week
and on Sundays, we cannot store any rented equipment. Mt. Olivet Baptist Church will not be
held responsible for any items left behind after the event has concluded.
All refuse from the event is to be removed from the church property after use. Food and
beverages are not allowed at anytime in the Worship Center.
No one under the age of sixteen (16) is permitted in the kitchen without adult supervision for
safety reasons.
No food or drink is to be left in the refrigerators or freezers.
Church Grounds:
Trash is to be picked up from the church grounds and removed from the church property
following the event. This is the responsibility of the event member/sponsor. If the facility is not
cleaned and additional cleaning is required, the event member/sponsor agree to pay for any
custodial services the church deems appropriate.
For Profit Events:
Events utilized for monetary benefit of an individual or organization or than the Church are not
authorized to take place. This includes, but not limited to admission fees, product sales, fees for
services, etc. Any exception to this must be jointly approved by the Pastor, Chairman of
Deacons, Church Treasurer, and other church leadership deemed necessary at the time of
Church Building Access and Keys:
Upon approval of an event, the church member will receive information regarding access to the
church facility. Access will be granted to the facility only for the time needed for the event,
setup, and breakdown. Only in special circumstances will a personal key be provided, and this
will be done strictly by the church office. ABSOLUTLEY NO AUTHORIZATION IS PROVIDED TO
At no time is a lone adult to be allowed in the facility with children under the age of 18. If
children under the age of 18 are present at least two adults over the age of 25 must be present
at all times and one of the adults must be a member in good standing of Mt. Olivet Baptist
Church. If the requested event is for multiple dates/times the church member and additional
adult supervisor will be required to complete a background check by the church.
Policy Violations
Upon violation of this policy, first attempt will be to correct the situation to prevent continued
violation. Recurring violation may result in denial/cancelation of future requests by the
member/sponsor and/or organization.
Facility Use Request Form
Complete Form and Submit to Church Office at least
30 days prior to your event. Requests are reviewed on
Thursdays of each week.
Date Submitted: _________________________
Event Name
Approx. Attendance ________
Event Date & Time
Member Name: ____________________________________phone (__________________)
Address: _____________________________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________
Is Event Associated
with an Organization
other than MOBC?
Setup Time: ______
Start Time: ______
End Time: _______
Area(s) Requested
* (Church nursery
facilities are NOT
available for use)
Worship Center Gymnasium/Fellowship Hall
Kitchen Classroom: # estimated ________
Other areas: _________________________________________
# of Tables Requested : ______ Round _____ Rectangular
Sound System
Video Monitors
Other: ___________
Additional Info.
If Plans Change, Please Notify the Church office Immediately 615-444-2390
I that have received, read, and agree to the Facility Use Guidelines of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church.
Print Name: ___________________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ________________
For Church Office Use Only:
Date received: ________________________
Event Approved: ______ Denied: _______
Approved/Denied by: ____________________
Requester Notified: Y N