Randall Presbyterian Church ~ Randall, MN
Message from Michael
I have never been into New Year’s resolutions. Too
often they are unrealistic and doomed to failure.
However, the New Year might be a good time to
evaluate what is important in your life.
A pastor friend of mine posted the following
picture on Facebook:
It struck home.
Think about it.
How often do you
think, “If I only
had enough
time….or enough
money… or just a
little bit more
Most of us don’t
think we have
enough. What if we
changed our
mindset and said
to ourselves, “God has given me everything I need,
now it is up to me to use God’s gifts wisely.”
Here are two suggestions to start you on your
Take some time, and do a complete inventory of
how you spend your time, money, and energy. The
internet is full of suggestions on creating an
activity log. “Activity Logs are also useful for
helping you identify non-core activities that don't
help you meet important objectives.”
Then track how you spend your money.
The following website is a detailed article about
why and how to track your spending.
Tracking energy isn’t as easy. It isn’t just a
mater of what you do, but how the activity
impacts you physically and emotionally. Some
activities drain and others energize. Everyone is
different. I actually get energized working on
computer databases, an activity that would
emotionally kill most people.
Then, make a list of what is truly important in
your life. Be specific. Don’t just write, “Family,
but how much time do you want to spend with
your family, is it quality time, how do you
impact the emotional and physical health of
your family, etc.? And where does your spiritual
formation fit in? Is that given priority?
Make your list and ask yourself if you have your
priorities in the right order. I do believe once
you truly know and strive for what is important,
everything else will fall into place.
I know that the pandemic has forced many
people to go through the above process or
something similar. If you haven’t I encourage
you to do so. It may be a great New Years
resolution for a more focused and balanced
But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and
all these things will be given to you as well.
2022 Officer’s Retreat
Part 1, Friday, January 7, 6:00 p.m.
All Deacons and Elders who served in
2021 or will be serving in 2022 are
invited to the Hartwell’s. Dinner
Part 2, Saturday, January 8, 9:00 a.m.
The retreat will resume at the church
on Saturday for all new and
continuing officers. This is a time to
reflect on the past year and plan for
the future.
Perkins Bible Study
Thursday Mornings at 9:30 a.m.
We are beginning a new study on
January 6. Bring your bible and join us
at the Little Falls Perkins for a late
breakfast, early lunch, just coffee, or
come just for the study and fellowship.
The study is lead by Nancy Skoog.
Presbytery’s In-Person or Zoom
Ruling Elder, Deacon Training
Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
This will be a great way for your ruling
elders, deacons, and personnel
committees to learn more about their
roles and learn more about what other
churches are doing. Please register with
the Presbytery office for meal planning
and zoom links.
The 2021 Per Capita is $43.00
Per Capita is a fundamental way in
which all of the nearly 10,000
congregations connect, participate and
share in the work of the wider church.
Randall Presbyterian Church is
obligated to pay the $43.00 for each
member of the congregation. The Session
is asking every member to make an
additional donation of $43.00 to help the
church cover it’s commitment.
Annual Congregational Meeting
Sunday, January 23, following worship.
Please stay after worship for a short
meeting as we review the past year and
elect officers. The following members
have been nominated.
Ruling Elder
Warren Johnson
Ken Ballou
Renee Hegg
December Birthdays
Coyer Waldoch Jan 03
Steve Magee Jan 04
Sylvia Wiczek Jan 08
Ryan Yorek Jan 09
Bob Hines Jan 11
Dana Johnson Jan 11
Jeri Betts Jan 12
Chris Magee Jan 13
Yvonne Johnson Jan 15
Dan Thilquist Jan 17
Tanner Magee Jan 21
Carol Saxton Jan 22
Abby Carron Jan 24
Celia DeGroot Jan 28
May God Bless Each of You &
May You Have a Happy Birthday
Thank you and I am sorry!
I sometimes get flustered when I am
unexpectedly put under the spotlight
such as when, on behalf of the Deacons,
Cathy Gannon presented me with the gift
from the church during worship in
Clearly, my gratitude wasn’t expressed
well at that moment, but please believe
me, Christi and I are extremely grateful
for the gift, as well as all the care and love
we have experienced since being part of
the Randall Presbyterian Church family.
Thank you!