THANK YOU FOR A GREAT FIRST TOWN HALL GATHERING! For those of you 50+ folks who were able to be present, we hope and pray that the excitement of what God is doing in and through our Kingdom Community was clearly communicated. We understand that life schedule can often times create difficulty in being able to be present. So, included in this email is a link to our website where you can join in seeing and hearing the excitement shared through the stories of a few of our awesome St John UMC people, sharing the beauty of where we are, as well as of the hope-filled vision of where we're going. Also included is a PDF attachment of last evening's hand-out. It is so good for us to love together, learn together and lead together. We hope this hand-out answers some of your greats questions. And, if you have additional questions that you would like for us to try to address at our next TOWN HALL GATHERINGS, we would live to hear them!

What a blessing it is to be in Kingdom Community...TOGETHER!!!


Rick & Carl

St John UMC
3921 Murray Hills Drive, Chattanooga, TN, 37416